Elliott Tonken Educational Scholarship

The Elliott Tonken Educational Scholarship

Mission Statement

The Elliott Tonken Educational Scholarship is a non-profit organization providing funding for Spiritualist related curriculum. This includes study groups, training programs and teaching workshops.

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About Us

For many years Elliott Tonken graced the Spiritualist Churches and Camps throughout Maine with his infectious laugh and healing practice.

With a mind and heart to continue his legacy, the Elliott Tonken Educational Scholarship has been formed.

The Scholarship supports education within the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC), its chartered churches and camps nationwide. We are also creating a library of foundational teachings on Spiritualism from our early pioneers to present day authors.

The scholarship is available to those seeking certification in areas of Healing, Teaching, Ministry and Mediumship through the Morris Pratt Institute. NSAC churches and camp members qualify for application to the scholarship.

The objective of this fund is to further the love and healing principles of Spiritualism for today and into the next generation.